Nov 15

Strengthening Corporate Governance: The Impact of the Protected Disclosure (Amendment) Act

Corporate governance should be a robust framework that integrates several elements, including practices, policies, and procedures, and guides how an organisation is directed and controlled. When tended to diligently and effectively, an organisation’s corporate governance framework plays a critical role in ensuring that all the ‘moving parts’ within the organisation... read more →
Nov 01

ISO Standards can promote a Culture of Compliance

There are many frameworks and guidelines for best practice in key business areas, including risk management, compliance, and quality management. These frameworks and guidelines are particularly relevant within heavily regulated sectors, providing clarity and direction, and opportunities for promoting a culture of compliance. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) outlines... read more →
Jan 04

The Value of Proofreading your Corporate Documents

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” Lee Iacocca Proofreading corporate documents is a valuable and necessary part of any organization’s communication strategy. Proofreading can improve the accuracy of the written communication and  ensure that the messaging is clear and concise. Well-written... read more →
Jun 07

The Business Writing Process

The Business Writing Process Business writing is essential for any business to function effectively, from communicating with employees, clients, and suppliers to prospecting, proposing, and planning. No matter what line of work you’re in, business writing plays a crucial role in boosting your brand, your business, and your services. It’s... read more →
May 17

Different Business Writing Styles

Different Business Writing Styles (and when to use them) Business writing is always intended to serve a purpose. It is essential to master the basics to ensure that your message is conveyed in a professional, easy-to-read format, including tailoring your business writing style to suit the intent of the communication.... read more →
May 11

Better Business Writing

Better Business Writing 5 Tips to Achieve Your Business Communication Objectives People make critical business decisions based on information presented through various business writing formats.  It is, therefore, essential that all such communication not only carries the ethos and branding of your business but also conveys a clear and unambiguous... read more →
May 03

Don’t Let Your Business Writing Hold You Back

Don’t Let Your Business Writing Hold You Back Business writing is any professional communication conducted in a business setting. It covers a broad range of communication formats, from internal emails between colleagues and departments to proposals, social media posts, and product manuals. Business writing is a fascinating form of writing... read more →
Feb 10

Proofreading can Benefit your Business

Proofreading can Benefit your Business Proofreading should always be done by someone other than the author.  Harper Lee once said:  “People generally see what they look for.”  This is particularly true for an author of content who will usually read what they expect to read rather than what the document... read more →
Feb 01

Regulatory Compliance: The Price of Doing Business

Regulatory Compliance: The Price of Doing Business It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or the size of your business, regulatory compliance is the price we pay to operate legitimate, credible businesses with sound values upon which reputations can be built or broken. Regulatory compliance relates to the set of... read more →
Dec 02

Regulatory Compliance Explained

Regulatory Compliance Explained Managing regulatory compliance and mitigating risk can protect your business from financial liabilities, including fines and penalties, lawsuits, and reputational damage.  So, what is Regulatory Compliance? Regulatory compliance is an organisation’s adherence to specific laws, regulations, and guidelines relevant to its business processes.  It is an ongoing... read more →