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Don’t Let Your Business Writing Hold You Back

Don’t Let Your Business Writing Hold You Back

Business writing is any professional communication conducted in a business setting. It covers a broad range of communication formats, from internal emails between colleagues and departments to proposals, social media posts, and product manuals.

Business writing is a fascinating form of writing that has been known to make and break careers and reputations.  People make critical business decisions based on information provided through business writings, and if the presented information is not clear, concise and relevant, the fallout could be huge.

Business writing is always intended to serve a purpose, and it is essential to master the basics to ensure that your message is conveyed in a professional, easy-to-read format.  Your audience should not have to sift through volumes of big words or flowery language – the purpose of your communication must be clear from the outset.  Think about how you use email subject lines, report and document titles, and keywords, for example.  These are the simplest ways to give critical information, introducing the reader to the important elements at the start.

Business writing can serve to:

  • Influence people and businesses to take action;
  • Convey information;
  • Justify or explain (e.g., processes, procedures, and expectations);
  • Direct action; and
  • Deliver news.

It has the potential to propel your business by eliciting positive responses to your communications.  Learning how to craft professional writing for all occasions and mediums effectively is, therefore, a crucial and worthwhile business skill to have and to master.

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, improving your business writing skills can boost your business and your career with interactions that flow internally, externally, laterally, and up and down.

In Conclusion:

Produce effective business communication by being an articulate and credible communicator with business writing that fulfils its purpose.

The level of formality required in business writing has been much debated recently, particularly around the use of emojis.

What are your thoughts on the use of emojis in business emails?




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Kerry-Ann is a legal graduate and compliance specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the legal and corporate environments. Kerry-Ann is also an English graduate and certified proofreader and editor, specialising in corporate and academic documents and assisting writers for whom English is a second language. Kerry-Ann is skilled in Corporate Compliance, Corporate Governance, Corporate Communication, Contract Management, Negotiation, Management, Leadership, and Business Planning.